Privacy Policy

Appaloosa Software and it's employees (we/our), will not sell your personal information for any reason, ever. However, we do maintain the right to use your personal information and any data provided by your computer or web browser for our own marketing and analytics purposes. Please also be aware that we cannot control the actions of our various service providers and cannot be held liable or responsible for their actions or violations of their own privacy policy, terms of service, or other policies and agreements. 

By visiting our site, using our services, and filling out our forms you agree to this privacy policy. 

By using our hosting services, you also agree to the agreements related to those services. These agreements can be found in the footer (at the bottom of each page) here.

By using any managed services from external providers, you also agree to their terms of service, privacy policy, and any other agreements those companies have in place. 

We believe in short, simple, and readable privacy policies and we do not believe in selling YOUR personal information for OUR benefit.